Friday, August 7, 2009

Neurological Oncologist

Saw him today. Interestingly enough he reserved a whole of hour of his time for Bob and me. He has a fellowship in brain tumors and seems to be up to date on latest therapies. Cutting to the quick, he explained that the follow up is necessary because microscopic remnants of the tumor are probably there and will come back in 5 years or so unless something is done. The 'done' will be radiation for 6 weeks concurrently with drug called Temodar. The Dr. says this is the current way of handling all this with minimum side effects. I meet the radiation oncologist early next week to get all this started.


  1. Did he talk about the Temodar side effects? Or does it effect different people differently?

  2. Sounds like you will have a good excuse for napping besides old age :) Curious how many milligrams of Temodar, pill or injection? If pill form make sure there is no gluten in the pills fillers... As always, let us know how we can help.

    LY Carla

  3. Dear brother,

    I am praying for your full recovery. I'm so glad to know that you came through all this so far still being able to think and speak clearly. Praise God for His graciousness...God bless..


  4. There is chemo and there's chemo. Some have minimal side affects and some will kick your keester. Reaction varies between individuals too. Learn what you can from the internet and ask lots of questions. Fasten your seat belt.

    See you Monday.

  5. Has your keester kickin' began? :)
    Carla is right about the Gluten. I accidently got gluten that way one time and it made me sick.