Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Very little to say. The radiologist did what they call 'the scan'. They gave me a thing in my mouth much like when dentist takes an impession, and fits me to a mask that looks like spaghetti. And they connected it to the mouth thing. The mask has alignment points for the machine. Then the machine runs a scan which is cat scan and records every thing and gives the DR, a picture. IN about a week and a half he will aim the machine, calculate dosage and they will call back and I guess set up a schedule When I go for the radiation, I put on the mask and the computer figures out every thing from there.

Don't look for anything here till then.


  1. not fair. Just because you don't have news doesn't mean we don't want to hear how you're doing. Write more...

  2. I agree with Noelle! We want more! We want more! We want to hear about your roses and lawn and garden and all the other wonderful things in your life.... not just spaghetti masks for radiation! :)

    Any trips you plan to take, like to Texas? Or Michigan????

    Let us know, cuz if you plan, we plan..... :)

  3. I volunteer Bob to drive you to Michigan for Thanksgiving. :P We can caravan! :)

  4. Thanks for the update. We do like hearing everything. Your garden looked great last time I saw it. You guys are always welcome in California. :-) Put up a picture of Lucy.

  5. Ditto~ we in Corinth wan to hear more too :) Lucy and Lois look very happy together :) New pets are fun! Old ones are a pain :)