Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Radiation has commenced

Today I met the radioloist. He had done a lot of work. He had a stack of 3D MRIs that showed the different beam strategies he was going to use. These were all run through computer simulation to make sure they were accurate and had no bad side effects. He said I may see some improvement in the paralysis in my face. He also may reduce some of the meds as things progress. He wants the chemo to be in my system for each radiation treatment. The drug store screwed it up and didn't have it ready for me today, rather tomorrow at ten.

They spent over 30 minutes lining up the machine, taking XRays to verify the alignment, etc. The operator has a ten screen console she operates during the treatment. This was a very precision process. They put a mask on me with sensors that the machine picks up to ensure alignment. Regular daily treatments will go a lot faster.

I will go in every weekday at 3:30 PM excluding labor day.


  1. Hi Ed- glad you were able to get started. From here on out it will take longer to drive there and back than the radiation. It is just a couple of minutes total.
    They asked me If i wanted to keep my mask at the end, I said "No" and they threw it in the trash! Good riddance!
    The process is quite amazing. They let Chris stand with them and watch the whole process as they explained everything to him in detail.
    I felt a bit worse ( pain wise) at first but then it was gone and has remained so. Good Luck with the rest of your treatments!

  2. So, I don't understand. Did they actually start yesterday, or are they waiting for today when you start the chemo?

    Hope all goes well and you see immediate improvement!