Monday, September 14, 2009


I really didn't want to spend much on this blog, but it is the best place to answer the continual questions of ' how are you doing.".

I saw the surgeon this AM. He is pleased the way thing are moving. He says the protcol of radiation and temodar is the exact right one with proven results. I mentioned radiation burns on my body, and he says that it one of the meds causing that. I mentioned slight paralysis on the left side of my face, he says that it is weakness, not paralysis.

Tomorrow I get some time with the Radiologist.


  1. Hi Ed~ the blog is definitely the best way to communicate to everyone with out having to go through everything again and again. That was exactly why I started mine 2 years ago.
    They should be able to suggest some creams or maybe Aloe Vera gel for your burns. Ask the radiologist or the nurse when you see them tomorrow.
    We appreciate you keeping us up to date with how you are :)

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated. I know you don't enjoy it, but you don't want everyone calling as asking how you are today either. So....keep it up big brother. We love you and are praying daily for both you and Lois.

  3. Hey Ed,
    Great to hear all is going as planned. :)
    If they don't have a specific recommendation for the burns, can I suggest Calendula OINTMENT (not cream) available at whole foods or sprouts. :)
    By Boiron.
    Excellent product and works really good on burns.
    I keep it in the kitchen for my "klutz factor" problem. :)

  4. Hey Grandpa! Hope you are doing well. Glad to see another post. I've heard many people say, including my dentist, that those rotary tooth brushes are exactly what you need; so getting one would help a lot.
    Nikki and I love you and praying for you!

    Your Grandson,