Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Radiation machine


  1. Oh... that is all too familiar! I bet you will be happy to throw your mask in the trash when this is over-I surely was :)
    Hang in there-praying for ya everyday.

  2. HI Ed...... I hadn't been on your site for a while - because there was no update.... This is quite the scene....and yes it does look all to familiar. It is amazing the technology that we have in the US... Glad to hear you have started and things are progressing well.

    Energy level - is a tough one - probably very frustrating..... Just let your body heal and stay low key......

    Remember the days at the beach - when you were in the sun all day and how it zaps your energy....well the radiation from the sun and the machine are the same.... just a at an amazingly different level..... Take it easy....And I hope you feel better - SOON.

    Love Robin

  3. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I'll see you guys sometime in October. Take care.

  4. Where are you having all this done?? In Tulsa?