Monday, November 2, 2009

Another slow day

I just got back from the hospital this evening. They still have Dad pretty sedated. His vital signs are good. They were able to get a sample of a bacteria in his lung and they have prescribed an antibiotic to target that. They are up to his target for feeding and he is doing well with that. They are keeping the oxygen he breathes slightly higher to keep his blood well oxygenated. His blood sugar was a bit high today (about 300) so they are going to up the dose of long acting insulin he gets at bedtime.

I am a little frustrated that I don't get to see Dad interact, but they are keeping him quiet to help his lungs get better and keep him comfortable. The nurse early this morning had him awake enough to respond to questions with yes and no. Dad was able to say he isn't in any pain. Then they raised the sedation a bit to keep him from being agitated and working against the ventilator.

I look forward to Dad getting past the lung problems so he can interact more and work on getting better.

-- Bob


  1. I will keep checking if you keep posting.And I thank you for that!! I like it better when there is interaction with him too.
    As always I offer my prayers for him, your famiy and friends..Best wishes to him-he is such a tough one!

  2. Thanks for the update Bob. Glad to hear that there are no new complications. Nikki and I are always praying.