Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hanging in there

Dad has had a bit of a setback Friday and today. They've currently got him breathing 100% oxygen and he's breathing faster than they'd like (33 breaths per minute second). His forearms were swollen enough that they removed his wedding band. Mom saw him Friday and now has the ring on her charm necklace. My understanding is he's still fighting the pneumonia, which they believe is caused by a fungus. Today they added in another drug to help fight that. Fungal infections in the lung apparently are hard to fight and take longer to show positive results, but we are hanging in there. Dad's blood pressure and blood sugar are doing OK.

Today the nurse gave Dad a bath and took a new sputum sample from his lungs. Those tests take at least 24 hours to get results and up to 5 days.

The nurse looked at the results of Dad's CT scan of his head done the other day. The writeup said it did not show any significant change from previous scans.

-- Bob

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  1. Not sure what to add re. this latest report except your title says it all "hang in there".
    All my fingers and toes are crossed for Dad.