Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holding steady

Today is much the same as yesterday. Dad's vital signs are holding steady. He's breathing fairly quickly and his heart rate is a bit on the fast side. They don't want those to go too high and that's why the keep him sedated. His sedation level is about the same as yesterday at this time. Later last night they had turned it up a bit higher but they have been slowly reducing it (baby steps) since then. They were able to slightly back off on the oxygen in the air he's breathing. His blood sugar is up there in the 200s but they are keeping an eye on it.

I talked to Dad briefly tonight. He started to open his eyes a bit but he seemed pretty out of it. While I was there, the nurse came in to clean and moisturize his mouth. It looked like he was keeping his mouth open for the dentist until that was done. He's got his radio going, but other than that it is pretty quiet in his room.

We are still looking to make progress on clearing up the lung infection. They are continuing with the antibacterial medication prescribed by the infectious disease specialist.

He is digesting all the food they give him, so that is good. The nurse said his lab work looks OK apart from the direct effects of the lung infection.

If you didn't catch my added comment to the previous post, I *do* read your comments posted to this blog. I usually won't reply, but don't let that stop you from posting a comment.

-- Bob


  1. Thank you, Bob. I don't think that I say that to you enough. Without your daily updates I feel very far away and very "in the dark". It gives me peace and hope everytime I read what you write. You have a wonderful way with words. I remember that from when Jimmy was so sick. You should consider writing a book. Your words are so easy to read and tell so much.

    God bless you. We continue to pray for you, dear brother. I'm waiting for you to get well. You wanted to go to the San Juans? I won't say "no" this time....I promise.


  2. Hang in there Ed. We are thinking about and praying for you. We love you.

    Thanks so much Bob.

  3. My comments, as always, are directed to Bob. You're doing a sterling job - it's hard work but at least you're in the thick of things and not waiting for daily updates on your Dad. I do hope you get a little comfort from keeping your family and friends in the loop re. his ups and downs. I've been in your position and my heart goes out to you - TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF - you're a very important cog in this particular wheel.


  4. Bob, thanks so much for the update. We love you.
    Ed, hang in there. We are looking forward to when you get outta there! The girlies all wish you well, and read this blog to find out how you are doing.
    We pray for you every night and even during the day. You are on our minds and in our hearts.

    We talked to mom yesterday and she sounds really great, so don't worry about her.

    I had my first 2 clients last week and it was really great. One I have met with 3x's now, and the other just once.

    We joined a reading group at the local library that you would probably really like. It is called "Don't judge a book by its Movie".
    This month they are reading and watching "Tuck Everlasting". Then, they will discuss the differences between the book and movie.

    We love you.... GET BETTER!

  5. Thanks for the updates Bob. Your a good son. Grandpa, we love you and are thinking of you daily. Keep fighting.


  6. Hi there =) Bob, we are grateful for your updates and your faithfulness to Grandpa during this tough time.

    Grandpa--I'm sorry you're feeling so under the weather. It's hard to believe since the last time we saw you was when you visited maryland. The interesting conversations and laughter we shared was so nice. =)

    We are doing well. Joe has been far too busy this semester, and has been a little stressed out. We're going away to the ocean with some friends next weekend, so I'm hoping that will give him some much needed relaxation. I'm keeping busy at home with Sam, and also in the process of starting a small business doing hair for weddings. I'm excited about that, as it gives me an opportunity to get out with very little commitment. I'm also coordinating a moms group at our church, which has been a joy. Sam is delightful 2 1/2 yr old now. He is full of life! He's getting to that fun age where they say all sorts of comical things. =) He knows his letters and shapes, can count to 10, builds all sorts of things with legos, works very hard at coloring in pictures and loves to jump and run. He is intense and energetic, yet also sensitive and sweet. I think he's a lot like his daddy!

    We are praying for you!
    Much love,

  7. I really hope you get well soon. I read the blog nearly everyday. I also think of you everyday!

  8. Dear Lois and Family: My heart is heavy tonight. I have lost one of the people that I admired and loved the most. Lois my condolences to all and especially to you who will miss him the most. May he rest in peace. May his soul and all of the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen