Sunday, November 1, 2009

A sunny day Sunday at rest

Dad's still doing OK. They gave him a bit more sedative last night to help him sleep and he's still pretty out of it today. His vitals are OK and stable but they found his hemoglobin was low enough so they are going to give him some red blood cells and have turned up the oxygen percentage a bit in the mean time. I sat with him for an hour and a half to see how things were going. It was calm and quiet. They checked his blood sugar while I was there and it was good enough (140) that he didn't require insulin.

He had the same nurse taking care of him today as yesterday. He's still getting antibiotics to make sure no bacteria starts growing in his lungs form the recent aspiration problem. He had some tender skin where the previous tube in his mouth was held in place with very sticky tape, but otherwise is looking good. It has now been 24 hours since the tracheotomy so the wound from that should be less fragile.

At this point, we are just waiting for Dad to recover from the recent lung issues and then we can work toward getting him much healthier. Chris and Kevin are headed back to Dallas. It was good seeing them again. We even had some trick or treaters at Mom and Dad's house, though at a few dozen kids it was not too much of a crowd. Today is beautifully sunny. It was cool first thing in the morning but it's like a spring day today with no clouds but the trees are all changing colors.

-- Bob


  1. More prayers sent to one Okie from another!!
    Hoping situation keeps improving!

  2. I can "hear" the relief in your blog. Do hope OG continues to improve - doesn't matter how slowly - any improvement is good.


  3. It was good to see you too Bob. Praying for Grandpa every day. As always, thank you for the updates.


  4. We're praying for Ed and your family. Much love, K.