Thursday, November 5, 2009

Still hanging in there

Today is another steady day. He had the same day nurse today. The only thing new is they did a CT scan.  The results had yet to be interpreted by a doctor so we don't know what, if anything, was found there. Dad's primary care doctor makes the rounds early in the morning so I expect they'll have something to say (even if it is "no change") at that time. His vital signs are still good apart from the lung problems. His blood sugar was a bit better controlled today, but it still goes up and down on its own whims.

The nurse said they tried reducing his sedation again today, but when they do that his breathing speeds up to an unhealthy rhythm. After seeing that, they reset it back at the higher level. He tried reducing it a bit while I was there and Dad did open his eyes halfway for me and then explored around his mouth with his tongue. I wasn't able to get yes/no answers so I didn't push my luck. I relayed some the the comments from this blog to him.

Mom is slowly gearing up for her trip to Arizona. She's thinking ahead to grandkids' birthdays and mailing deadlines, not to mention getting her stuff packed. I think she could have had a career in logistics for the military.

Thanks for the wonderful blog comments. I appreciate them.

I'll let you know how the CT comes out tomorrow.

-- Bob


  1. Bob: You are doing an awesome job with your updates. Keep it up.

    Ed: Hang in there brother, I still have my tickets to the San Juan islands. I expect to go with you this next year.

    You are a great big brother and I miss being there with you. I love you so much and keep praying for your recovery.


  2. Tiny steps are so welcome... keep up the
    updates on the big guy!!! Pulling for him and his family!
    God be with you!

  3. My comment today is about Mom. You surely know the female of species are born to multi-task in order to look after males!

    Re. Dad - it's a case of no news is good news.


  4. Grandpa: Rebecca and I are thinking about you and praying for you often. We really respect and love you. We love talking to you and hope to do so again soon!

  5. Hi Bob

    Please let your Dad Know Im still looking for the sunflower - I know its out there!

    Hope you are doing well yourself Bob - take care and don't forget to give yourself a big hug.

    Love Robin

  6. Hey Ed,
    Leron and I came to see you today (Thursday). You were asleep but God was awake so we prayed for you anyway. Hope you are up and around soon. Smokey says Woof!

  7. Hey Bob~ appreciate the blog and keep up with it everday.

    Dad; the Corinth Minichs are praying everyday for your rest, recovery and healing. We love you! Chris & Elayne