Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ed gets his own room

Dad is out of the recovery room and up the 6th floor neurological ICU for the night. They're keeping a close eye on him tonight to make sure there are no complications from the surgery. They can monitor his heart, blood pressure, and breathing moment to moment. He's alert and talkative if a bit groggy. Mom and I beat him up to the floor and waited for about 15 minutes while they transferred him and got him situated. They wheeled his bed down the hallway past our little waiting room and he was chatting up a storm. The let us in to see him shortly afterward.

For the moment he's on a clear liquid diet and maybe will get some jello. He's doing fine and he's all there. He's got a deal with one of the nurses to help ensure his breakfast menu gets filled out in enough detail that he gets some salt and pepper. Apparently if you don't specifically order every detail you want from the menu, you don't get it.

His nurse for the night (7pm to 7am) is Dave from Claremore. Dad was a bit horse in the throat, but I don't think that's a surprise after surgery when they intubate you to let the anesthetist control your breathing. Dad said he didn't have any significant pain and the ICU nurse is keeping track of how he's doing.

He was a bit tired so we left him around 8:00 to rest.

-- Bob


  1. Horray! Those are exactly the words I was waiting to hear. Thanks so much Bob. You are a great comfort with writing down the details and letting us feel like we are right there. :)

  2. Bob,
    Your comments and updates are always so nice to read. You are thorough and informative...and I really appreciate the time you take to do them. It is so nice being this far away to feel like your in the waiting room too.

    Thank you

  3. Hello Oakie Grandfather!
    Greetings from Becca' Minich's Mom. I'm so glad you are through your surgury. We miss your wonderful blog work and dear comments. I'm praying you are back to yourself in quick order. With fondest regards,
    Susan Nye Ferrell in Idaho

  4. I never thought I would be laughing reading your update tonight Bob, given the serious surgery that Dad had today. However, reading about him chatting up a storm on the way to ICU and making sure he gets his salt & pepper just cracked me up :)

    Thank you God for taking care of Ed today!

  5. If his big concern is his menu then he is doing fine. When can he have visitors?