Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Surgery is done

Mom, Cindy and I were in the waiting room when Dr. Fell, Dad's neurosurgeon, came out to tell us the surgery went well. He removed everything he saw on the MRIs and the quick sample of the tumor they looked at during the surgery didn't look malignant. Dad's in the recover room now and will be moved up to neurological ICU in an hour or so as he comes off the anesthetic and then we can go see him.

Dr. Fell said they'll know more definitively about the tumor when they get a pathology report, which will probably be Friday. He said the tumor started in the brain (that's better than something that came from somewhere else) and it is a glioma. He said Dad might get to go home as early as Saturday.

-- Bob


  1. From Wikipedia:

    Gliomas are further categorized according to their grade, which is determined by pathologic evaluation of the tumor.
    * Low-grade gliomas are well-differentiated (not anaplastic); these are benign and portend a better prognosis for the patient.
    * High-grade gliomas are undifferentiated or anaplastic; these are malignant and carry a worse prognosis.

    Read the full Wikipedia article and become an instant expert.

  2. Thanks for the updates Bob. Give him a hug and kiss from me. Can't wait to talk with him!