Friday, July 17, 2009

To bring you up to date I thought for the last month or so I was having Tias. After a Cat scan and a MRI, it has been determined that I am having seizures from a spot on my brain. Monday the 20th I get another MRI and then on the 22nd the neurosurgeon will go in a determine what it is and remove it. I guess that means another hole in my head. I will find out more after that.


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  2. We love you and can't help but worry about you.
    I'm glad you are blogging. It makes me feel closer. :)

  3. Welcome to the Blogosphere. See you Monday night.

  4. Grandpa I am glad you have a blog! How are you? Are they really putting a hole in your head, or are you joking?!!!!! It's sounds like your joking!

    Love your grand daughter Sarah:)

  5. dear grandpa
    how are you?
    we are all fine.
    we might visit you.
    love you.
    Your granddaughter,

  6. I hope you feel better,How is Grandma?
    I love you and Grandma.

    Your Granddaughter

  7. I am a bloggiing friend of Christie' well as a fellow adoptive mom. Our family will be praying for you... especially on Wed.. I loved your analogy about another hole in the head...I hope you do feel better.

  8. Hi Ed!
    So glad you decided to start your blog! It is such a great way to communicate with everyone. I agree with Christie~ we knew you would do it :)
    LOVE the picture of you with Emily & Lindsey! We will all be praying for your surgery and recovery next week.
    Love~ Elayne

  9. Hi Grandpa,

    I'm glad you've joined us here in the blog world. I'm going to put a few recent pics of Sam up on my blog, because I know you enjoy them. Joe and I are thinking of you often, and asking the Lord for His tender mercies toward you right now.

    with love,

  10. I am glad you are blogging. Love your profile pic. Miss you guys. We hare headed home in the morning and hope to see you soon. You are in our prayers.