Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This is the last from me for a awhile. I am to be admitted tomorrow at St. Francis hospital in tulsa about 11 AM. Surgery is scheduled shortly after noon. Dr. says the opening will be about 2", two inches!. Oh well, just another hole in my head. Afterwards I go to neurology ICU and if I behave I can get out in a few days. His concern that during the surgery he doesn't do something to paralyze my left side.

He really doesn't know what is there, so there will be no definitive information till Thursday morning.

Bob will keep this blog up to date daily.


  1. Do what the doctors tell you and don't give the nurses a hard time. You are in our prayers.

  2. Ahhh go ahead and givem' a hard time. After all you are the patient. :)

    We've been trying to call the phone is busy.
    We'll try tomorrow. Just wanted to say how very much you are loved..... and cared for. We appreciate you so very much... you are a great dad, and a great grampa!

    Mike, Christie, Erika, Anna and Sarah

  3. Be good, big brother. Please do everything they ask and be a good patient. We will be standing in the gap on this end and praying for a speedy recovery...with no side effects. We'll be glad when you're back on line...


  4. Yeah, go ahead and give them a hard time, just make friends with them too. They take extra good care of you when they like you. I give my oncology team trouble all the time and they give it right back to me :)

    We will be praying for a safe surgery, good test results and a speedy recovery.
    Elayne & Chris

  5. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You're in our thoughts & prayers.