Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ed's Surgery

Dad was taken in to surgery at 1:40. We were at the hospital since 9:30 this morning and they had him prepped hours before. They say that the surgery schedules are guesses at best and it's better to keep patients lined up and ready to go rather than waste a lot of money having the surgery teams twiddle their thumbs waiting.

While we waited we had visits from a couple friends of Dad, his pastor, and Cindy and Emily. We even got to visit with the surgeon between his first and second surgery that day (Dad was his third) and he quintuple checked he was looking at the correct patient (every nurse asks the same name and birthdate question) and got out his pen and drew a lovely arrow on the surgery side of Dad's head. You just can't be too careful, I guess.

After they took Dad in to the operating room, I went to grab Mom and take her to lunch. I'm headed back to the hospital now to spend some quality reading time in their waiting room. Cindy will join us there.

The surgery is supposed to take around 3 hours. I'll post more when I find out and get a spare moment.

-- Bob

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