Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tracheotomy is done, Dad is resting

They completed Dad's tracheotomy without any problems. It was a small surgical procedure that they did in his room in about 30 minutes once they had their equipment in place. The surgeon talked to us for a couple minutes after the procedure. We asked if Dad would be able to talk eventually with the trach tube in place and she said there are several different variations on the tube in his airway that can allow that. However, right now the priority is just to get healthier while his lungs are protected form anything falling down into them form his mouth.

They are making gradual baby steps to reduce Dad's sedation. They had him under for the procedure and they back off that slowly. They don't want him stirring so the incision on his neck has time to heal. They've restarted his feeding tube. The feeding had been stopped early this morning to make sure his stomach was empty during the surgery. His vital signs are all good. I expect they'll be working very gradually to ween him form the ventilator over the next day or two.

We'll see how he does day by day. Today went well.

-- Bob


  1. God be with all of you..
    so glad there was a solution to all of this, now he can get better and stronger...

  2. So glad you have a little positivity with your Dad. Hope you're getting some rest.


  3. Glad things went well. Get Better Dad!