Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doing OK so far

I've brought Mom home for the night. Carla is staying with Dad a while longer to see if we get any news on Dad's condition. He's back in the ICU resting. He's on the BiPAP machine (like a ventilator but with a snug fitting mask instead of a tube down the throat) to help out his breathing. At the moment he's getting 100% oxygen and his vital signs are good. When they brought him back from the CT scan, his blood pressure was a bit low (84 / 45). They got that corrected when they restarted his IV fluids and gave him a little extra boost for the time he was off the IV. The nurse said she would have called on the doctors if his BP hadn't come back up to an acceptable range with fluids. We'll see how that goes tonight.

We didn't get any news about what happened in the respiratory care unit that landed him back in the ICU. He's been responsive to us and the nurses, though he can't talk over the BiPAP. He seemed pretty tired. We held his hand for a while and told him to go easy on the nurses tonight.

Some of this overlaps with comments I added to the previous post while I was at the hospital.

The nurse tonight said she didn't know when to expect results from the CT scan. If they don't ask for it with a high priority, it probably won't come back until tomorrow morning in time for the doctors' normal rounds.

We did learn this afternoon that they did a good job controlling his blood sugar last night and today. With a large enough dose of the long lasting insulin, he didn't need anything this morning or noon.

I'll post more when I know it. I'm headed to my place for the night and Carla will come back to Mom and Dad's house in a couple hours if everything is still going smoothly.

-- Bob


  1. Hey Bob. Thanks again for the frequent updates.

    Tell Ed that Susan and I are in Amarillo tonight, halfway to Santa Fe on old route 66 almost all the way. We are having a great time and Smokey says hello. There are lots of photos on my blog. You are all in our prayers.
    Bill Miller

  2. Carla, Lois, Ed and family,
    You're all in my heart and thoughts. I hope Ed has an uneventful day with his hand in yours.