Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A slow day

There's not much new to report today.

They had a speech therapist do a swallow test with Dad. Apparently his swallowing wasn't very strong, so they are keeping him on the tube for feeding for now.

They had been using a canula to supply oxygen to his nose, but they switched to a mask because he was breathing as much through his mouth. The said tonight they'll put him on a BiPAP again to try and get his lungs clearer. He coughs junk up but they think a good deal of it just goes back down his lungs because he isn't swallowing well. I Mom with me when we visited tonight. Dad gets tired pretty easily and talking helps make him cough.

According to his nurse, they were thinking of taking him to a radiation treatment but they decided not to based on the coughing... when doing the radiation treatment, his head is trapped in a tight fitting basket. I can't imagine him flat on his back for 15 minutes and needing to cough but not being able to move his head at all.

Keep praying for his continued recovery. There's miles to go before we sleep.

-- Bob


  1. All in all it sounds pretty good to me..I hope he continues to improve..
    May God Bless all of you!

  2. Bob - Thanks for keeping us updated. Let us know when he can have a few visitors.