Sunday, October 25, 2009

Out of the ICU

Dad has been moved out of the ICU and into the respiratory care ward. They would have moved him sooner had a spot been available. His nurse for today said they can do pretty much everything they did in the ICU short of having patients on a ventilator.

After the move, they gave him some chicken broth. He seemed to do OK with that. He still has the tube feeding in place, but that's another step in the right direction. He's still coughing up gunk, which is a good thing. Dad seemed a bit more tired today. Dad asked me to read him the blog messages so I'm going to print some of those to bring him tonight.

Dave is headed back to Phoenix tomorrow and Carla will be back in town Wednesday.

-- Bob


  1. Hey big brother. We are still praying here on the CA end. I love you. Please get well soon!

  2. Hey Dad! We love you so very much. We are thrilled you are out of ICU.... now it is time for IOU.

    I O U a visit! As soon as we are cleared from H1N1 flu, we will make travel plans to visit.

    Dave sent us a picture. You look tired, but it sure was nice to see your sweet smile.

    Be nice to the nurses. :)

  3. Brilliant step forward to be on an ordinary ward, that's a big plus sign for everyone.
    Please tell Oakie Grandfather that good will messages are willing their way to him from Leeds, England.


  4. Hey Dad!
    So happy to hear you are moving out of ICU! We are all praying for a fast recovery! No skateboarding yet :)
    Love, Elayne & Chris

  5. Hey Ed:

    I am so glad your progressing in the right direction. You had us all scared.

    you have awesome kids who are doing the right thing for you,

    I miss being with you.

    Love you,