Friday, October 16, 2009

Taking the next step

We heard the lung specialist this morning. He says Dad definitely has pneumonia. He believes the cause has been aspiration. My understanding of his explanation is that food and or liquids have been going down into Dad's lungs when he eats and drinks. Based on a CT scan of Dad's chest done late last night, he thinks this must have been going on for several days. He said the best way to treat his entire condition (pneumonia and aspiration) would be to intubate him. Using a breathing tube down his throat would prevent anything else from slipping down his throat and also provide better control of his lungs to battle the pneumonia most effectively.

We weren't sure Dad would want to do that so the nurse told him what that doctor wanted to do and asked if he wanted to do that. He said he did. Because having a breathing tube is uncomfortable, they have also sedated him and will setup tube feeding. They said they will wake him up briefly once a day to check on him.

He is now sleeping peacefully. Carla and I are at Mom & Dad's house resting. We are only minutes away and the nurse will call us if anything changes.

The goal now is to clear up the pneumonia. This is expected to take several days. His condition is still critical, but he is good hands. Please keep praying for him.

-- Bob


  1. Thank you Bob- I have been directing everyone to Dad's blog so we can all keep up with how he is doing and know exactly what to be praying for.
    You guys hang in there!
    Love~ Elayne

  2. We love you guys and are praying regularly. Barb

  3. Bob, you are doing a great job!
    Carla and Cindy too.
    Love you!

  4. My prayers are with him!
    If I can post this..
    L Whited

  5. Bob:

    You are doing an awesome job keeping up the blog. Carla, you and Cindy have me comfortable being in Mi knowing you are doing such a good job taking care of your dad.