Friday, October 16, 2009

Fighting for his life

This is Bob writing again.

Dad is currently in the the intensive care unit fighting against pneumonia. He was not feeling good Thursday morning and did not want to get out of bed. We had a nurse come for home health care and when she checked the oxygen level of his blood, is was dangerously low so we called an ambulance. We spent a long time in the ER with an excellent nurse who handled Dad very much like an ICU nurse while they found an ICU bed for Dad. We are apparently into flu season already and Dad's case was a high priority case among several requiring ICU beds.

With oxygen and a little help for breathing, Dad's blood oxygen levels are now good. While in the ER, he was able to take some dinner (a bit of chicken broth) and take some of his regular medication. They are working to keep his blood pressure acceptable while using a drug to help draw water away his lungs. It is a delicate balance.

When I left the hospital about 1:00am, Dad was settled into the ICU room and the ICU nurse was up to speed on his previous medication orders and recent history. As I post this, the ICU nurse reports Dad's condition is holding steady. Ed's daughter Carla is staying by his side in the ICU while I am home getting some rest for the challenges ahead of us tomorrow and onward. The family is keeping in close touch during this time. Mom is at home with daughter-in-law Cindy and is doing OK.

We ask that you pray for Dad's healing and strength and comfort in this delicate time.


  1. Bobbie, thank you so much for keeping us updated. I hate to call and get everyone at a bad time. My heart is breaking and we are praying continuously for healing and strength.



  2. We are praying and have the prayer chains going for Dad!
    Noelle~ keeping you in prayer as well :)