Monday, October 26, 2009

Working back to food

Today wasn't a huge day for Dad. He did get some more challenging food. The nurse said he got some applesauce, cream of wheat (it actually was on a glutten free menu, and no I don't understand how that is possible), and pureed turkey. She said he did better on the thicker food. He still coughs gunk up. He said he didn't fidget as much today because he was tired. Hopefully some better food will do him good and we can get him off the tube feeding.

Carla will be here tomorrow afternoon. I've already got a couple errands for her. It's finally and truly fall here, with chilly breezes and the leaves are falling off the trees. Dad still has roses on his bush and a good looking one in a pot in the window of his hospital room.

If these blog posts come straight to your email, please note that I any replies to Dad's email address do not go to me.

-- Bob


  1. Hopefully they correct the cream of wheat on a gluten free diet! Good grief.....

    Grits should be ok. (they are made from hominy)

    So glad things are moving in the right direction.

  2. Our prayers are still with you!