Thursday, October 29, 2009

Slow news is good news

Today has been a quiet day. We still haven't talked to the doctor that will do the tracheotomy, but we have a note in with the nurse to have her call us. Dad is doing good. He's been resting since he was intubated last night. It took a little bit of effort to get him settled but we stuck around while they got everything under control.

Mom and Carla went to see Dad a couple times today. We again informed them that he wasn't a fan of Fox news and switched off the TV and got the classical music on the radio going.

We hope to hear more from the doctors soon.

-- Bob


  1. I wonder why medical people seem to think sick people want to listen/watch the news? Music to drift in and out of is much more comforting to my way of mind.


  2. Bob - When you can, please tell Ed that Helen Pratt, a fellow Monos and prison ministry friend, mentioned him in the Mabel Bassett Kairos #29 talk on "The Church." Of course, it was was love but also a reference to his persuasive manners that get people to do things. He got both me and my husband, Charley, into Kairos with a healthy dose of pestering. He has our great respect and admiration and our love.
    Helen Pratt

  3. Bob & Carla~ I believe Chris and Kevin are heading up tonight.
    Hang in there and give dad a hug from me :)

  4. Ed - Susan and I made it to Santa Fe yesterday afternoon. We were escorted into town by snow flurries. Today is cold but clear. We will go on tour of shops and attractions this afternoon. We are having fun and so is Smokey.

    You are constantly in our prayers. We wish you peace. We love you Ed. We will try to see you next week if you continue to improve. God bless you. Bill and Susan

  5. Ed,
    Hang in there. We are praying for you and love you. Wish we were there.

    - Cindy and Emily

  6. Hi Bob,

    I'm hoping to hear that today went better. We are praying..praying.

    I wonder why, if a tracheotomy is necessary, that the doctor isn't already in there talking to you! What is happening in this world.

    I know one thing. We are all part of something bigger than ourselves and there is a plan for each of us. We just pray God's protection, peace and mercy on this family.

  7. Bob Carla Chris and Lois - Hope you are holding up OK.... You must be exhausted.

    I think about you guys everyday.... Hope Ed is resting well...... Tell him I love him and wish him a speedy recovery!